Don’t forget to Indulge yourself!

The first day of my 30 days of intentional wellness. I can’t believe that September is here. Autumn is upon us and with the changing of the season comes the holidays that end our year and begin our new year.  September is the last month that we have to ourselves. The last 30 days that we can focus on ourselves, where weddings are dying off and the holidays are just far enough away that we don’t focus on them yet. Will you take this 30 day journey with me and take time for you?


What better way to start an intentional wellness journey but with indulgences! When we think of wellness most think of healthy diet changes, working out, therapy, and so on. All of that is wellness but wellness is also allowing yourself to be free and break the rules you have set for yourself. Most people think indulgences are for when you have been good for x amount of days. Why punish yourself right away?


It’s so hard to give up everything that you believe to be not good for you. Slowly take those things out and slowly pick healthier options. Make those unhealthy options healthier by substituting healthier ingredients. If you falter and have that indulgence, remind yourself that you have the next moment to be better for you. One set back does not mean that the race is over, be kind to yourself. 


Allow yourself to not be perfect.

Allow yourself to falter.

Allow yourself to be human.