Staying Physical in a Sedentary World

We live in a sedentary world. We sit in a car while we drive to work. Some of us then sit down at our desk. When our work day is done we go back to sit in our car and in traffic before we get home. It’s just a lot of sitting!

We can do little things throughout the day that help to keep us moving. Harder to do while driving to work even though there are times on I-70 and I-35 where you think you could walk to work quicker then drive.

– Setting a timer for 30-45 minutes and when the timer goes off get up from your desk and go get a drink of water or go to the bathroom or just take a lap around your floor.
– While in the car we can work on posture! I do this while I’m hanging out in my car waiting for that red light to turn green. Roll your shoulders back so you are no longer in that hunched over the computer/steering wheel position. You can even take this a step farther and bring your head back of your shoulders to help strengthen those back and neck muscles.
– Doing stretches before we even get out of bed help to elongate muscles are became shortened while sleeping.

The movement of the body is how our fluid in our spine moves from our neck to our low back and back up again. This fluid provides nutrients to our discs that need to stay hydrated to help with proper spinal movement.

Little things will make big things happen!

I am one who use to go to the gym and would pick the machines I know how to do or don’t feel a fool doing and then I get in some cardio. I have always wanted to do more weight lifting but felt lost once I was around all those big muscles at the weight rack. Women on Weights is a group of ladies that helped me to feel confident and never made me feel less than when I picked up lighter weights then them. Having a support system while you are bettering yourself is crucial. Do you have a support system? Let me be your support system!