Helping Ourselves in a DIY World

We are in the world of DIYers and Pinterest pins. Pinterest gives us these delicious ideas for supper, marvelous place settings for Holidays, fun activities and decorations for our children’s birthday parties, and easy and quick DIY projects. Let’s start by thanking Pinterest for all these ideas as well as the idea that we can actually do some of this stuff. We have all seen the Pinterest fails and raised our beer or wine in honor of the money and time spent to try to create that perfect moment because at one point or another we have been there. Pinterest also gives us a way of helping ourselves with quotes, books or others pinning their blogs.

How do you get out of your funk? This is the one thing that most of us know how to DIY without a Pinterest pin. I love driving with my windows down and blaring some good music. For me music speaks to me in a way that opens all the feelings that are trying to get out. Sometimes those feelings come in screaming along with the song, tears running down my face, or getting my dance moves on. Every song has a different meaning to me and elicits its own special response that I am needing at that moment.

Looking in on ourselves can be hard, we know the demons we hold and most of us don’t like thinking about them. What if we take a different approach? Meditation is a great way to set your intentions for the day. What if we use meditation to look at our demons, just sit across from them and realize that they are there, they are a part of us but they do not have to control us. This will help to settle our mind and prepare for the day ahead.

Have you ever had something on your mind and you can’t get it out? Have you ever wanted to say something to someone but they are no longer around to talk to or you know you won’t be able to say what you need to say and how you need to say it? I am not a fan of confrontation especially when it comes to someone hurting my feelings, my emotions take over and I end up not saying that things I want to say or how I wanted to say them. I have learned, when I am not brave enough to face that person, to write a letter. My letters are sloppy and there are notes in the margins and spelling and grammar are nowhere to be found but I let my pen write the words that my heart wants to say but is too afraid to say it. Once everything is written down I go to my fire pit and set it on fire. It’s more of a ritual type of thing. Write down what is bothering you so it gets out of your head and then burn the pages so you can’t go back.  

Happy Pinning 🙂