Mornings are hard

“I’m just going to hit snooze one more time.”

Does that sound like you? It sounds like me. Mornings are not the favorite part of the day for me. I have tried to make a routine in the morning so I can stay on task and not find myself sitting on my bed for 10 minutes scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen but I’m trying, in the end that’s all we can do.


Stretches opens the chest allowing your lungs to breathe in more air. It allows the muscles to stretch out after a night of sleeping in odd positions. Muscles help our blood flow through our body. Stretching will therefore help with circulation. If muscles stay tight from sleeping they can create knots or trigger points which result in pain. Stretching will elongate the muscles and help to prevent that pesky pain.


It has so many awesome benefits that I just need to keep talking about meditation. It can improve your health by decreasing inflammation, boosting your immune system, and minimizing pain. It can increase productivity by improving your memory, making you more attentive to the project at hand, and improving sleep quality. It can make you happier by decreasing stress and thoughts of loneliness. It can better your social life by making you less anxious, regulating emotions, and being more compassionate to others.


Eating protein in the morning will help you feel full and stay full longer than eating a carb only breakfast. Since you are staying fuller longer that helps to maintain a healthy weight for you. Protein also allow for steady blood sugar so are not having that crash midmorning.


Movement has a lot of the same benefits as stretching does. Movement is going to allow for more blood circulation to happen than with just stretching. Our brain receives it’s nutrition from the fluid that runs up and down are spine. The only way the fluid moves is from us moving our spines. Movement can release feel good hormones and help us to have a good start to our day.

*These benefits are due to mindful meditation.