Down the Rabbit Hole

Why would a chiropractor be writing about mental health? Don’t chiropractors deal with bones?

The founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer, stated that there are three different causes that result in a subluxation. Let’s dive into the word subluxation really quick so we are all on the same page. Subluxation is a term that is used by some chiropractors; others use misalignment. Subluxation is when a vertebra is not in alignment with the one above and/or below it. This misalignment is a couple millimeters but when I show new clients I exaggerate on my spine model and the software I use will also exaggerate it. Now on to the different causes.

The three causes are toxins, traumas, and thoughts what D.D. referred to as the 3 T’s. We can name them also chemical, physical, and mental. What??? Did I just write mental? I sure did.

For this blog I will just be talking about Thoughts or Mental.

First a question – when you are really stressed at work do you find it harder to move your neck?

Mental stress can manifest itself in a physical way especially when it’s not handled correctly or at all. A lot of times our upper trap muscles will get tight or the muscles right under our skull will get tight and sometimes a headache will occur and most likely a pain in the neck that can decrease our range of motion in our spine. The muscles become tight unevenly and will pull or push on the vertebra and cause a subluxation. A great massage therapist will help you relax those muscles and a great chiropractor will align the vertebra and allow the body to start healing. (links to Moonstone Massage Therapy & Back Home Chiropractic)

Mental Health is something that I am very passionate about. I deal with depression and anxiety on a daily scale. My depression was really bad a few years back. I went down into the darkest parts of my being and it took my husband months to get me out far enough for me to want to seek help. Luckily I was in graduate school and they provided me with a therapist for free (a perk of spending six figures in tuition I guess). The therapist started on the surface and started digging until they found me in my rabbit hole. Once I had felt like I was better and could handle myself I stopped going. In life there are hills and valleys; I hit another valley and turned to a life coach that I had met through my naturopathic doctor. She explored the hole with me and showed me the rabbit hole that she had created for herself once upon a time. It was nice to know that I wasn’t broken, I wasn’t alone, and I had someone to look up to. I found someone who is helping others even though she was in the same spot I was in. She provided me with numerous tools to use when I would come upon a valley again. I am forever grateful for her. I still deal with depression and anxiety but through great people, great tools, and a great support team I know my purpose and I know that I am needed and I chose to be here for you because I was there and no one deserves to be in that rabbit hole alone. 

I want you to know that the situation you are in currently is not your forever life. Do not dwell in this, instead reach out and let someone know and allow them to help you. Allow me to help you. You are important to so many people on this Earth – Don’t Leave!