Tell a Fairy Tale Day

This fairy tale starts with a girl that had dreams of one day changing the world.

In a little town, in the middle of nowhere, lived a little girl who had big dreams. This little girl grew up learning about the earth. “The earth is a magical place,” she was told, “if you look closely you will see the magic every day.”
She watched as the tulips bloomed and the corn sprouted from the fields. She saw the cows eat the grass and the calves get nourishment from their moms. She was amazed and in awe of all the magic that the earth had to show.

One day she wasn’t feeling her best and so her parents decided she should stay in and rest. Her mom and dad watched her closely. They fed her vegetable soup that was made from the vegetables in the garden. All she seemed to do that day was eat and sleep and drink water.

The next day when she woke up she felt so much better. It made her wonder how. Her mom and dad told her that an adjustment from her chiropractor would be a good idea after a day of not feeling her best.

Once she arrived at the chiropractor’s office she asked the chiropractor why she didn’t feel good and after just one day of rest she feels fine. The chiropractor told her that there were germs in her body and her body had to kick them out and in order to do that her body got warm because germs don’t like to be warm. The chiropractor also told her that the vegetables helped her body to stay strong. The little girl spouted, “I know! The earth is magical!” The chiropractor agreed and added, “Do you know what else is magical? YOU! Your body knew exactly how to kick those germs out and was given good nutritious food to keep it strong.”

After the adjustment with her chiropractor the little girl told everyone how magical their bodies are.

That little girl grew up to become a chiropractor and she hasn’t stopped telling everyone how magical their bodies are.