Resolutions – A Loaded Word

Resolutions…What a loaded word!

Show of hands of people who started a 2019 New Year’s Resolution and has already gave up?
Show of hands of people who started a 2019 New Year’s Resolution and is still going strong?
Show of hands of people who decided Resolutions are not for them?

I feel like I would have raised my hands on all three of these questions.

I wanted to start going back to the gym and taking my supplements. It is day 23 of 2019 and I haven’t put on my gym shoes once and I haven’t unpacked my supplements from holiday.
I wanted to start getting things in order at my home office so my adjusting table can go in the office and I can work on paperwork at home instead of in between clients in the office. I have made progress and as I keep working on it I see my office become an office again. It’s a great feeling kids!
I also hate the concept of New Year’s Resolutions. We are only deciding to make ourselves better one time a year? How about every moment striving to be the person we want to become?

Maybe take this as a PSA that the start of anything is going to be tricky, gross, and hard. That doesn’t mean we don’t do it. It means we need to make a plan and take it down to bite size pieces so it’s not tricky, gross, and hard.

My working out for instance.
1- get on my Orange Theory app
2 – book classes that fit with my schedule
3 – The night before the class have my water bottle filled, clothes for work or workout (depending on time of day) in a bag ready to go
Look at that 3 steps to do something that, I know for a fact, makes me feel better about myself.

Resolutions – let’s throw that word to the curb. Take every moment to make a better you for you. If you are better for you then you will organically be better for your loved ones.

The fact is folks – we don’t need a new year, a new month, or a Monday to change our lives.
Let’s quit putting pressure on January 1st, or any 1st for that matter, and Mondays. They get such a bad rep for being the start of something. It doesn’t matter when you start the habit just continue it and it will become routine.


Live Extraordinary Friends!